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Perspix Biotech attended a panel discussion at the 10th German-Chinese Economics Conference in Darmstadt, Germany


On 6th November 2023, Perspix Biotech attended the 10th German-Chinese Economics Conference in Darmstadt. The conference was organized by Rudolf Scharping from RBSK AG.

Matthias Wiedenfels took stage during a panel discussion focused on “Flashlights Innovations & Start-Ups”. The conference comprised a series of panels and presentations from leading Germany and Chinese companies and Startups, accompanied by expert outlooks on investment and partnering activities in both countries.

Perspix used this opportunity to connect with Chinese investors and industry partners.

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Perspix’ groundwork publication regarding high-throughput technology for multi-specific antibodies


Joerg Birkenfeld, Chief Scientific Officer of Perspix Biotech, has co-authored a research paper in the peer-review specialist Journal of Analytical Chemistry.

The research focuses on a novel workflow that enables the accurate assessment of correct assembly for multi-specific antibodies. This approach allows for the analysis of a wide range of up to 1.000 complex molecules, including next-generation intricate Tri-Specific Antibodies, and provides for remarkable results in less than three weeks. The advanced methodology evaluates critical molecule properties such as the precise pairing of heavy and light chains and identifies potential product-related impurities.

Please see here for a full download of the article:

“We are proud and grateful to be able to work with an exceptional scientist like Joerg. His work is revolutionary, and his experience in high-throughput biologics is extremely valuable, not only for Perspix “, says Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO of Perspix Biotech.

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roPROTix featured as a game changer in drug discovery


Perspix’ innovative AI-powered drug discovery platform roPROTix is featured in Nature’s Biopharma DealMakers, the premier publication for information on dealmaking and industry trends in the biopharma space.

The article recognizes the potential of roPROTix to fundamentally change the way R&D is done by combining the three mega trends Multi-Specific Antibodies, Platform Technology, and AI- and ML-powered biological Drug Design.

Developed by Perspix, roPROTix is a drug discovery platform for the rapid design and production of next-generation multi-specific antibodies. By connecting automated high-throughput experimentation with in silico data generation and AI-powered molecule design in a closed loop configuration, Perspix will be able to decipher the design principles of next-generation multi-targeting drugs, and significantly reduce development time and costs.

Please see here for a full download of the article: which will also be featured in the September issues of Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews in Drug Discovery.

“We find it very reassuring to see how much recognition we get for our disruptive technology. There is no doubt that we will make best use of it to the benefit of patients and industry partners alike” says Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO of Perspix Biotech.

“With its unprecedented data-generation capabilities, Perspix will be at the forefront of AI-based innovation in the area of multi-specific antibody development”, says Hartmut Michel, Nobel laureate and Perspix scientific advisor.

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Perspix Biotech pushes tri-specific antibody research


Perspix team members have co-authored a groundbreaking research paper in the well-known Nature Communications journal. The research focuses on the development of a tri-specific T-cell engaging antibody specifically designed to target and eliminate dormant replication-competent provirus in HIV-infected cells.

The research contributes to the objective of finding a functional cure for AIDS and underpins Perspix’ ambitions to provide innovative medicines with transforming treatment options across various therapeutic areas. Perspix firmly believes in the immense potential of next-generation tri-specific T-cell engagers. These innovative therapeutics hold promise in transforming disease treatment across various disease areas, particularly in cancer.

Please see here for a full download of the article: Trispecific antibody targeting HIV-1 and T cells activates and eliminates latently-infected cells in HIV/SHIV infections | Nature Communications

The Perspix team worked together with esteemed researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Sanofi, ModeX Therapeutics, and the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

“The outcome encourages us very much on our way to demonstrate the power of AI and data authority in the development of multi-specific antibodies”, says Dr. Joerg Birkenfeld, CSO of Perspix Biotech.

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Bio-Prodict and Perspix Biotech cooperate in AI-powered Molecular Drug Design


Bio-Prodict, a Dutch protein engineering company and leading provider of molecular design solutions cooperates with Frankfurt based Perspix, a biotech company specialized in the development of next-generation multi-specific antibodies against cancer.

The strategic collaboration aims at further pushing the boundaries of therapeutic antibody engineering. By combining Bio-Prodict’s expertise in protein data analysis and software design with Perspix’s advanced experimental and in silico data generation capabilities, the collaboration will

  • advance the engineering of novel biotherapeutics,
  • enhance AI-powered molecular drug design, and
  • drive innovative medicine development for patients in need.

The collaboration represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of scientific progress and underscores the shared commitment of Bio-Prodict and Perspix Biotech to become frontrunners of AI-driven molecular drug design.

“Together, we accelerate drug discovery through cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights”, emphasizes Henk-Jan Joosten, CEO of Bio-Prodict.

“Through comprehensive training, our models empower researchers with predictive and generative capabilities, unlocking unprecedented novel therapeutic possibilities”, says Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO of Perspix Biotech.

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Perspix Biotech wins Life Sciences Europe award


Perspix Biotech was awarded as “Top Biotherapeutics Company 2023” by the Life Sciences Review Europe. The award comprises a recognition for Perspix’ contribution to tackling customer challenges in biopharma R&D.

The reasons for being awarded as top biotherapeutics company 2023 comprise:

  • Perspix’ crucial role in generating multidimensional data sets for complex molecules addressing multiple diseases,
  • Perspix’ contribution to making the process of developing multi-specific antibody therapeutics more efficient and cost-effective, and
  • Perspix’ ambition to become the first truly predictive AI drug-design company based on its roPROTix development platform.

A complete article about Perspix and its innovative and unique roPROTix platform is featured in the current edition of the Life Sciences Review Europe.

“We are very excited about being recognized and supported in our mission to emerge as a biotherapeutics company making cost-effective biomedicines available for millions of patients,” says Dr. Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO.

Perspix next steps are focused on finding appropriate industry partners and investors in their roPROTix platform.

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Ashurst article on AI & Automation in Biotech with great assessment


Pharma R&D is facing a continuous decline in productivity with exploding development costs, year after year. This evolution is only made worse with the onset of novel, more complex bio-therapeutics aimed at fighting complex diseases such as cancer. And this is despite the much discussed technological advancements in AI-based drug discovery. Players in Biotech all suffer from the same problem: Today, no useful data sets are in existence to efficiently train AI on the multi-dimensional challenges posed by the development of multi-targeting antibodies.

A key problem hereby lies in the inefficiency of current discovery processes, as most biological research is still conducted manually and in a “one factor at a time“-manner. As it has always been through the past decades.

We are now entering the era of platform technologies with data being the currency of the 21st century. Perspix believes, that not in isolation, but the integration of lab-based experimentation with new technologies such as AI and automation into an E2E platform will provide novel options and promise to boost the chance to make it into the clinic – efficiently and reliably.

See Ashurst’s article making a great point…

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Perspix Biotech attended annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum


On 1st and 2nd March 2023, Perspix Biotech attended the 16th European Life Sciences CEO Forum by Sachs Associates in Zurich.

Perspix was featured among the “Rising Biotech Stars” and presented its platform technology to potential partners and investors. The forum also comprised a series of panels and presentations from leading pharmaceutical, biotech and investment companies, accompanied by expert outlooks on growth and investment activities.

Perspix used this opportunity to connect with investors, agencies, and industry partners, and increase its visibility in Europe’s Biotech industry.



Matthias Wiedenfels appointed CEO of Perspix, José Airas rotating to his new role as COO


It is our pleasure to announce the transitions of Matthias Wiedenfels and of José Airas into new roles at Perspix Biotech. Matthias served in the company as Chairman of the Board since 2021 and is moving into an active role as CEO of Perspix Biotech. Together with the leadership team, Matthias will be at the steering wheel of the company. He will take over the responsibility for Corporate Strategy and Governance, and he will manage all activities around Investor Relations.

Matthias has more than 20 years of industrial experience and brings a lot of operational know-how to his new role as former CEO of STADA Group. His is a renowned expert in healthcare and corporate finance and holds a Doctor of Laws degree. In his new and exposed leadership role and with his experience as active investor and serial entrepreneur in healthcare and technology ventures, Matthias will be of central value for advancing Perspix to the next level.

With Matthias moving into the role of CEO of Perspix, José will focus on his overall Corporate Responsibilities and on leading our Business Strategy and Operations as newly established COO of Perspix. José is a co-founder of Perspix and focuses on driving our Corporate Strategy as CEO since.

Please join us in welcoming both, Matthias and José, in their new roles. With the support of our Board Members, this enriched leadership team will be the key driver towards Perspix’s vision.


Jörg Birkenfeld appointed as Scientific Director


Perspix Biotech announces the appointment of Dr. Joerg Birkenfeld to the position of Scientific Director. In this role, Joerg will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating all technology development aspects as well as leading research teams with the goal of creating a first-in-class pipeline of multi-targeting biopharmaceuticals for hematologic and solid tumors.

Joerg holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Goethe University and Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (both Frankfurt, Germany) and was a postdoctoral fellow in immunology at Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, USA). He joins Perspix from Sanofi Aventis Deutschland GmbH where, as head of high-throughput biologics, he was responsible for the development of an automated value chain for large molecule engineering. Prior to that, he served as the lead for therapeutic antibody optimization at Bayer Healthcare in the Global Biologics division. In both positions, he led the optimization of biotherapeutical drug candidates and their transition to technical development. Joerg has authored numerous scientific articles and granted patents or patent applications, including several related to the optimization of mono- and multi-specific antibodies.

“I am extremely happy to welcome Joerg to the company as Scientific Director and I am very excited to work with him in the Executive Leadership Team” said Dr. José Airas, CEO of Perspix Biotech. “Joerg is an acknowledged scientific leader with long standing expertise in biopharmaceutical R&D. Especially his knowledge and background in the fields of lab automation and data-driven antibody engineering will be pivotal for Perspix to reach its goal of becoming a leader in the area of next-generation biotherapeutical discovery and development.“

“I am really thrilled to join Perspix” says Joerg. “The job perfectly aligns with my experience in industry, and it provides a unique opportunity to realize my vison of future drug discovery. I am convinced that Perspix’s holistic digital approach will revolutionize drug development and will create most innovative medicines at unmatched efficiency. I am proud to become part of this important endeavor.”

Dr. Matthias Wiedenfels, Perspix’s Chairman of the Advisory Board, commented “Having visionary people with transformative knowledge on board is absolutely essential at our early company stage. Joerg brings a unique set of skills to Perspix combining wide-ranging expertise in biotherapeutical drug discovery with broad knowledge in the field of digital transformation of R&D processes. I am absolutely delighted to see Joerg joining and filling this key role as Scientific Director at this very significant time for Perspix.”


Prof. Hartmut Michel and Dr. Tomás Tomeo Foncuberta joining Perspix’s Advisory Board


2021 was a special year for Perspix Biotech, as the founding year is for any company. We are very proud of our first steps in corporate development, fundraising, strategizing, and team building.

Regarding the latter, we are immensely honored to announce the next additions to our Board of Advisors. With the start of the new year, we hearty welcome Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult Hartmut Michel and Dr. Tomás Tomeo Foncuberta to our advisory team:

  • It would take too long to list all titles, memberships, and awards of Prof. Hartmut Michel, his most prestigious being the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Prof. Michel received a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wuerzburg in 1977 and dedicated his whole career to the study of protein structure to reveal the fundamentals of their function. Since 1987, Prof. Michel has been director at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics and since 1989 adjunct professor of biochemistry at the Goethe University, both located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Beside his vast academic accomplishments, Prof. Michel has acted as scientific advisor for major pharma and biotech companies and as investment consultant for corporate investors.

Building on his invaluable expertise, we are very much looking forward to working with Prof. Michel to shape Perspix Biotech’s strategy towards establishing a world-class portfolio of next-generation biotherapeutics.

Beside his vast academic accomplishments, Prof. Michel has acted as scientific advisor for major pharma and biotech companies and as investment consultant for corporate investors.

Building on his invaluable expertise, we are very much looking forward to working with Prof. Michel to shape Perspix Biotech’s strategy towards establishing a world-class portfolio of next-generation biotherapeutics.

  • Among other academic titles, Dr. Tomeo Foncuberta holds a doctor degree in Economics and received an MBA from the ESADE Business School. He went on to extend his Executive Education at the Harvard Business School, and later certified in fundraising at the Indiana University.

In 2004, Dr. Tomeo Foncuberta entered the IESE Business School (Top1 Executive Education, Financial Times ranking). As Associate Dean he oversees the school’s Corporate Development and Fundraising and serves as director of educational programs including Executive Education and Executive MBA.

With his extensive entrepreneurial experience, Dr. Tomeo Foncuberta will play a critical role at Perspix ensuring an efficient and sustainable company setup and growth, advising the team in all aspects around Corporate Development.

Please join us welcoming both distinguished professionals to our company’s board.



Matthias Wiedenfels to join Perspix at Chairman of the Board


It is our honor to announce Matthias Wiedenfels ​as Chairman of the Board at Perspix Biotech. Matthias is an integral member since the initiation of the company and was crucial in defining the company’s goals and mission. He will now play a leading role in taking Perspix to the next level

Matthias is an expert in healthcare and corporate finance with more than 20 years of industrial experience. He received an academic training A.L. University in Freiburg and holds a Doctor of Laws degree. Matthias held various positions in multinational pharma companies, most notably as the former CEO of STADA Pharmaceutical AG. Today, he is an active investor and serial entrepreneur in healthcare and technology ventures, he likes strategic and operative challenges.

Matthias, we are glad to have your expertise on board as we advance towards our vision of making tailored Next-Gen biotherapeutics a reality, an affordable reality.

Matthias, welcome to the team 🙏🏼



Perspix moves into the FIZ Frankfurt Innovation Center for Biotechnology


We are very pleased to announce the move of Perspix Biotech into the campus of the FiZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center ( We are very excited about this opportunity and are highly motivated to make use of all the virtues that come along with this shift. The innovation hub provides our young company not only room to implement its strategy but also the necessary chance to grow its vision.

The FiZ offers its small- and medium-sized life science companies a great and state of the art infrastructure. Importantly, it also provides access to collaborations and interdisciplinary networks and it initiates and manages FiZ Synergy Projects. It is located within the Frankfurt Biocenter and is in close vicinity to the Max Planck Institutes for Brain Research and for Biophysics and to other academic research institutions.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you at the FiZ…

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Copyright 2022 Perspix Biotech  |  All rights reserved