Our path to multi-targeting biotherapeutics with game-changing properties

Perspix Biotech is aiming at building an innovative portfolio of internal and partnered programs in oncology, focusing on novel target combinations with strong clinical evidence for which no solutions exist.

We will leverage our unique ultra-high-throughput engineering and machine learning capabilities to create multi-targeting modalities that enable novel therapeutic mechanisms to counteract tumor plasticity and overcome cancer drug resistance.

De-risked target combination

Proven clinical efficacy for individual targets.
Combination of targets that act together to sustain cancer.

Novel mechanisms for target modulation

Optimal design of multi-targeting modality to elicit desired biology.
Multiple differentiated molecule options for maximal efficacy.

Highest quality designer biologics

Good target product yields guaranteed through ultra-high-throughput engineering process.
Drug-like properties inbuilt to ensure rapid progression into development.

Now it is time for change

Copyright 2022 Perspix Biotech  |  All rights reserved

Copyright 2022 Perspix Biotech  |  All rights reserved